There is nothing wrong with wanting to make a more dramatic change in your appearance, but for many, they may prefer the concept of keeping you you, just a bit more youthful or renewed- THAT can be done! The goal of seeing a professional that truly knows their specialty AND has the extensive training to go along with their judgment is to achieve just that balance.

Now with all the tools that we have in aesthetic dermatology, you can HAVE various procedures and stay looking like you, just improved. 😉 With Fraxel laser or Vivace microneedling you can refresh your skin surface, build new collagen that your body isn’t making anymore, smooth out old scars, and fade out brown spots and sun damage you have accumulated over the years. Keep what you want and not what you don’t!

With the latest array of fillers in the right hands, you can plump that lip line that we lose with each decade without anyone knowing you did it, but YOU will know what made the difference. You can subtly restore volume in your cheeks, under your eyes, or anywhere that has become more hollow than you used to be.

Botox can eliminate wrinkles you never wanted to see on your face- like frown lines and crow’s lines AND prevent them from getting worse with age.

Hydrafacials can help maintain the glow you thought we could only see in our 20s. Add a “booster” and you will take it to the next level of antiaging too. Dermaplaning before your Hydrafacial can get rid of all the peach fuzz we never thought we would grow, giving you back a smooth finish without changing anything about your natural features.

So to all those out there who are not seeking a more dramatic change, it CAN BE DONE, trust us!

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