What is pediatric dermatology?

Pediatric dermatology is a specialized branch of dermatology that focuses on the skin conditions of patients under the age of 18. If your child develops a rash, a questionable lesion, or acne, we can help. We also evaluate birthmarks and systemic illnesses.

Skin conditions can affect infants and children much differently than adults. DermPhysicians of New England are specially-trained in pediatric dermatology, allowing us to apply solutions that specifically meet the needs of your child’s skin. We also strive to create a comfortable, nurturing environment for every patient, young and old.

Common pediatric conditions we treat:

Patient Testimonial

“I have worked with Dr. Masterpol for the last 7 years and could not be happier with the care I receive. She is thorough, pays attention to detail and listens to my skin concerns. She has helped with my son’s significant eczema and been able to provide him with treatments for relief.”
-Meaghan D. from San Francisco, CA

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Not only are we committed to treating skin conditions, we also care about educating children and their families. We want you to understand the diagnosis, the available treatment options, and the long-term skin of your child. If you have any questions or concerns relating to proper skincare and steps you can take at home, we’re here to help. If you’d like to schedule an appointment with DermPhysicians of New England, fill out the appointment request form below or give us a call at (781) 272-7022.

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