We all have those days when we wake up feeling that our eyes are not looking their best- maybe it’s puffiness or dark circles, or both! Some quick tips may help perk up those eyes.

• Just like a night of salty snacks, a day of too much coffee, or having that extra cocktail in the evening may affect the way our eyes look the next day, so can reversing those things. Reducing caffeine, alcohol, and salt intake can limit dehydration and under-eye darkness and puffiness.

• Getting enough sleep is key! This is not a myth. Sometimes adding an extra pillow while you sleep can also help offset puffiness. And don’t forget to remove makeup before bed so eyes don’t appear more wrinkled the next day from makeup sitting in the natural skin lines overnight. 😴

• A gentle tapping massage with your fingertips can help with lymph flow and fluid drainage.

• Fresh cucumbers are high in vitamin C and folic acid and can help reduce some puffiness. 15 minutes should do the trick! Rooibos (red tea) or chamomile tea bags can also help draw out fluid– chill them first then apply for 15 minutes. 🥒

• Dark circles under the eyes are typically caused by the shadowing of blood vessels underneath the skin. Caffeine in black or green tea bags can help temporarily reduce the appearance of blood vessels. Color correcting concealer to camouflage is the main option here. You may need to play with different color options ranging from yellow, green or pink tints. Unlike fine lines and creases, there is no fancy cream that will eliminate dark circles. 🙁

• If fine lines, wrinkles or creases are your concern, then hydrating with a gentle eye cream is a basic maintenance step. Everyone’s skin is different, and we can help you with suggestions. As far as prevention AND correction there are many options including Vivace microneedling with radiofrequency, Fraxel laser, fillers and Botox. Downtime is not required! 🤗

We may not be able to combat the genetics of our eye areas, but we can fight the signs of aging with some great technologies!

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