The holiday season is all about love and cheer, but we can’t forget what cold weather, added stress, and dietary changes can do to your skin. ❄️ ☃️

Add in the holiday parties where it’s hard to not indulge in the eating and drinking, and even your skin will start to rebel. To make sure your skin stays in the best shape for the holiday season, we’re here to offer some ways you can prepare for the crazy months ahead.

1. Bulk up the Hydration

As the cooler temperatures roll in, it’s time to bring out the super hydrating products and add a thicker moisturizer to your skin regimen. Ramp up by using a moisturizer cream, not a lotion, and apply it twice daily.  ⏰ Add a Hydrafacial treatment and mega-boost your moisture level for the dry, cold winter months ahead!

2. Reduce Exfoliation

With the drier weather comes the dreaded drier skin. Exfoliation is a key component to containing any dead skin buildup, but you must proceed with caution. You can exfoliate, but you want to be careful not to over-exfoliate because that could lead to over-stripping and more dryness. Once a week is the most we would recommend, but many people get too dry to do that in the winter. If you want to safely remove that dead layer of skin and remove the dullness, then try a dermaplaning treatment! You will love it. ❤️

3. Keep Using Sunscreen

A big mistake we see people make is decreasing the use of sunscreen as the winter months roll around. 😎 Don’t let the cooler days fool you! The sun is still throwing down damaging UVA and UVB rays, and the skin is still absorbing it – especially if you do outdoor cold weather activities.

4. Make Time to Remove Your Makeup Before Bed

You might up your makeup game for holiday parties, just be sure to remove it before bed. Leaving makeup on the skin overnight can clog your pores and create a breeding ground for bacteria and lead to breakouts.

Enjoy the holiday season without making your skin pay for it! 🙂 ❄️

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