September is Self-Improvement Month so let’s get to it! This year has been a doozy for our mental health and general health. Back-to-school and back-to-work may be very different and unknown this September. Rituals of self-care are more important than ever, ESPECIALLY when we feel like we have less time or less control.

Daily routine, monthly routine, and annual routine – ready, set, go!

Like brushing your teeth, you need to make time for cleansing your face morning and night. It removes sweat, sunscreen, makeup residue, germs, and air pollution. It also promotes circulation in the skin and invigorates us. As we talked about on our Instagram “Tiny Chat” post about facial cleansers this August, there is one for everyone’s needs. And don’t forget to apply an anti-aging antioxidant serum as your base layer. Choosing one (happy to guide you!) depends on your skin type and whether you are prone to pigmentation (brown spots) or not.

As it gets cooler and drier in fall, make sure you incorporate a great moisturizer.

Some people like a creamy but non-greasy formula such as EltaMD AM therapy, others like a light gel that can be equally hydrating such as our SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 gel which also contains anti-aging vitamin B5. Sunscreen to prevent both skin cancer and signs of aging should be your top layer every morning. We recommend one with zinc, such as one of our EltaMD clear zinc formulas, regular or tinted. And if you need something on the go to reapply, but you have makeup on, try our greatest find; Super Goop sunscreen translucent powder – no need to ruin your makeup at all! We can’t wait to show you! Bedtime after cleansing, you can use your anti-aging retinol or glycolic product along with a nighttime moisturizer. We love SkinCeuticals Triple Lipid moisturizer, especially in fall and winter, at bedtime. It feels awesome and smells so clean.

Now don’t forget your daily eating routine – it impacts how you feel on the inside and look on the outside.

How about vowing to increase your fiber (dark chocolate, avocado, raspberries and chickpeas) and add one extra vegetable (broccoli, spinach, carrots) or superfruit (blueberries, kiwi) per day? Put them on your grocery list, so once it’s in the house or fridge, you will be more apt to remember.

32 ounces of water per day!

How can you get this done? Buy yourself a practical but fun water bottle and put a hydration app on your phone as a backup to remembering, such as iHydrate, Hydro coach, or daily water tracker. Don’t like plain water? Add mint, lemon, or an orange slice for natural flavoring.

We can also have intermittent routines to boost our skincare.

These could be monthly or seasonally to provide extra benefits. Speaking of hydrating – Hydrafacials are a phenomenal way to boost hydration, exfoliate to remove that dull layer, and provide anti-aging ingredients for your skin. Nothing can create a more instant glow, while giving you a mental boost. So rather than finding you don’t have time, schedule one in advance so you have MADE time for some self-care not done by yourself!

No better self-care than to strengthen your core and improve tone where you thought you couldn’t with EMSCULPT.

The equivalent of 30,000 crunches or squats (depending on if you’re treating abs or butt!) in 30 minutes, building up your stability, muscle tone, and resistance to injury! Start with the simple step of a complimentary consultation

Stop wasting time you don’t have for shaving and liberate yourself with laser hair reduction!

A few 15-minute appointments and you could remove shaving from your constant ritual list. That’s part of your routine you definitely won’t miss!

Now on to the most healthy ritual – BOOK YOUR ANNUAL SKIN CHECK!

Schedule one by phone or online and then mark your calendar with a reminder to make sure you do it every year – just like a mammogram, teeth cleaning, and all those important self-care items.

Spending time on a routine, even a beauty routine, can offer mental health perks too! You will feel more in control, gain on self-care, calm your mind, increase confidence, and enjoy a positive boost! We can help you OWN Self-Improvement Month!

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