November is National Healthy Skin Month and that means the perfect opportunity to ramp up caring for your skin before the harsh winter months arrive! The skin is the body’s largest organ and performs many important duties including protecting us, regulating our temperature, keeping out intruders like bacteria, AND keeping us looking healthy! It is easy to take it for granted until it begins to act up. Follow these simple steps for a more radiant glow:

Eat healthily
This is critical. It is important to eat a balanced diet with lots of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains. Avoid processed foods with unhealthy additives when you can.

Don’t smoke
Smoking dulls and dries the skin causing premature aging. Ask your doctor to help you find the best way for you to quit.

Drink less alcohol
Alcohol causes dehydration and nutrient deprivation. Increase your water intake to combat dehydration.

Cleanse, moisturize
Cleanse routinely to remove dirt, bacteria, sweat, and debris. Maintain a healthy glow with the correct moisturizing routine.

Limit stress
Stress can cause cold sores, hives, and flare eczema, acne and psoriasis. Find ways to both limit and better cope with stress – meditation, exercise, and music can all help.

National Healthy Skin Month is more than a reminder to be good to our skin! It is also about raising awareness about skin cancer and skin diseases. Monitoring your skin can be life-saving. Don’t forget to check your skin for the ACBDE’s:

Border irregularity or changes
Change in color, or irregular colors
Diameter changes
Evolution or change overall

Have you made your annual skin check appointment yet? Finish 2019 or start the New Year off on the right foot and get your yearly screening!

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