2020 is here and healthy skin is in! Commit to these three New Year’s resolutions your skin will thank you for and achieve your best skin ever.

Resolution #1

“I promise to have my skin check this year.”
Yes, you should. Don’t put it off because skin cancer is most easily treated when caught early. Come in for a baseline if you have never had one, or come in for your annual if you are not new to the process! Let us teach you what to look for and limit your risks. Skin cancer is one of the few things you can pick up on without an internal test or scan- knowing how is key and having someone help you monitor is so important! There’s no reason to delay when it is one of the easiest and most proactive health steps to take. 2020 is your year to start good habits, come in for your skin check!

Resolution #2

“I will finally start my skin regimen!”
Dabbling in routines? Can’t stick to one regimen because it’s too hard to commit? Too many options and too much advice from friends and the media? Come in to formalize your skincare regimen and customize it to YOU. Rome was not built in a day, and neither is your skincare. It should be an evolution, and you must start with fundamentals and grow it from there. Let us help you design your best 2020 regimen & start now- the sooner you start (no matter what your age), the more benefits you will see!

Resolution #3

“Vivace what??”
Vivace (pronounced vi-VA-chee) does what it sounds like- revitalizes your skin! This is some of the most advanced microneedling technology combined with radiofrequency available. Excited? You should be. This NO downtime in-office procedure helps to alleviate fine lines, while tightening the skin surface, minimizing pore size and naturally promoting collagen. It works on every skin tone and ethnicity. Come in for your Vivace experience and start seeing results for your 2020 skin!

We’re here for all of your New Year’s skin resolutions and beyond! Call us at (781) 272-7022 or request an appointment online today.

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