With summer here, the bugs appear!
Mosquitoes, ants, black flies the whole array. Whether you are on the sports field or at the beach, insect bites are common. Some people react much more than others, but there are a few things that can help prevent discomfort, itchiness, and swelling.

-Icing or cold compresses can actually help with all 3 symptoms significantly, and whether the bite is new or not, it can still be a great treatment.

-Ammonium-based solutions sold specifically for insect bites such as AfterBite can also significantly decrease itching and pain.

-Hydrocortisone ointment applied multiple times per day can help with swelling and itch.

If your child tends to react strongly to bug bites, coming in for a visit with us can determine if a prescription strength ointment would be most beneficial. Let us help you prevent scratching that leads to scarring! (and sleepless nights comforting kids!)

Now let’s touch on the bumps that aren’t from the bugs.
Swimming is a favorite summertime activity and with that, children often develop molluscum during or after these outings. These viral bumps can often cause dry red itchy patches of eczema around them, which in turn leads to more scratching and potentially further spread of the bumps.

As the skin gets drier, the molluscum may spread easier. Thus, it is of utmost importance to treat and prevent dryness of the skin all over the body when kids have molluscum. Using creamy moisturizers or ointments, especially applied to damp skin, is best.

However, if these tips do not alleviate itching, eczema, or the bumps keep multiplying, bring your child in to see us for some relief! Helping kids with their skin concerns has a special place at DermPhysicians of New England. Our solutions can save your summer skin!

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