The clock is ticking on one of the most important days of your life, and we want to help you look picture-perfect. We have you covered every step of the way when it comes to preparing for your wedding!

6-12 Months Before The Wedding

  • Consult with DermPhysicians of New England for a customized skin regimen.
  • Don’t forget bridesmaids, sisters or mothers who will also want to glow!
  • If you are acne-prone, you will need to begin the correct routine to clear your skin for the big day.
  • Drink lots of water to hydrate well.
  • Get your first Hydrafacial to jumpstart your skin.
  • Think about Fraxel laser or Vivace microneedling to help with fine lines, acne scarring or to treat areas you would like tightened and to add radiance.
  • Explore the option of Botox to relax frown lines or crow’s feet for flawless, smooth skin.
  • Begin laser hair reduction for underarms, upper lip, legs and bikini for your special day AND honeymoon! (Most people require 4-6 treatments, booked one month apart for maximal benefits.)

3 Months Before

  • Start eating superfruits, if you haven’t already!
  • Tone and tighten your abdomen and waistline with EMSCULPT to fit perfectly into your dress or bathing suit!
  • Get that perfect booty with EMSCULPT, too! It’s non-invasive with no downtime, a win-win.
  • Laser away any red or brown spots you may not like (this might require more than one session).
  • Begin regularly hydrating your lips throughout the day with an SPF-containing balm.

6 Weeks Before

  • Book your next Botox treatment, so it’s in full effect for your big day and photos.

2 Weeks Before

  • Avoid salt to limit puffiness or water retention.
  • Get enough sleep, especially to limit any eye puffiness.
  • Discontinue any skincare products containing retinol or alpha-hydroxy acids (glycolic) to avoid any possible flaking or irritation too close to your wedding day.
  • Have a dermaplaning treatment to remove the dull skin surface layer and peach fuzz so makeup goes on smoothly for a flawless finish, combined with Hydrafacial for your ultimate glow!

*Don’t try anything new within 6-8 weeks of the wedding! This includes new skincare products, procedures or new self-tanners or spray tans.

We want to make you feel your most beautiful, inside and out, on the most special day of your life! For a free wedding consultation or to schedule a consultation, please call DermPhysicians of New England at (781) 272-7022 or request an appointment online.

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