Want to make a real difference with how you look & feel? REBUILD YOUR SKIN! Rebuild you! We can help you do this. One step at a time. It’s 2021, let’s go! 👏

It’s never too late to rebuild our skin. We can go back to basics and make a strong foundation of good habits. Cleansing with an effective but gentle cleanser is fundamental- we don’t want to over strip, but we also need to cleanse now more than ever after mask-wearing. A cleanser that is hydrating such as Cerave hydrating cleanser or La Roche Posay For Dry Skin cleanser is excellent for wintertime. Our favorite EltaMD foaming face cleanser is a microenzyme cleanser so it cleans amazing but is PH balanced too. Use that for end of day! How you wash is also important. Using a baby washcloth is very gentle but more effective than just our hands. If you use a Clarisonic or similar tool, make sure to have it on the most sensitive head and setting for winter.

Rebuild further by not settling on just an “okay” moisturizer. We often need to change our products with the season, not just our skin type. You may need something lighter like Cerave PM moisturizer, something medium like La Roche Posay Toleriane moisturizer, or something ultra-hydrating like our Triple Lipid Repair cream.

Rebuilding may also entail taking things away- the biggest mistake this time of year is to over-exfoliate. 🙅‍♀️ Be careful combining too many products containing retinol, glycolic, AHA (alpha-hydroxy acids), or any rough particles that scrub. Now that does NOT mean saying goodbye to everything, particularly your retinol, but adjustments may need to be made. The strength of retinol or frequency might need to decrease for the season. You may need to mix it with your moisturizer to avoid getting rough or flakey skin from it.

Adding a serum can also help. Antioxidant serums such as our SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic or collagen serums such as SkinCeuticals HA Intensifier are antiaging but also hydrating. We can help you navigate which would most benefit you and where to place it in your regimen during wintertime.

Are you really ok with being just ok? Let’s be & feel GREAT! It’s easier than you think. 😉

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