Summer is here, and this month we’re covering a few common summer skin perils that may affect you or your children.

With summer here, the bugs appear!

Mosquitoes, ants, black flies the whole array. Whether you are on the sports field or at the beach, insect bites are common. Some people react much more than others, but there are a few things that can help prevent discomfort, itchiness, and swelling.

  • Icing or cold compresses can actually help with all 3 symptoms significantly, and whether the bite is new or not, it can still be a great treatment.
  • Ammonium-based solutions sold specifically for insect bites such as AfterBite can also significantly decrease itching and pain.
  • Hydrocortisone ointment applied multiple times per day can help with swelling and itch.

If your child tends to react strongly to bug bites, coming in for a visit with us can determine if a prescription-strength ointment would be most beneficial. Let us help you prevent scratching that leads to scarring! (and sleepless nights comforting kids!)

Hot tub folliculitis

Say what?? Yes, it’s a thing, and trust us, you don’t want it. Unfortunately, we have been seeing more of this since people went into quarantine. Soaking in a hot tub can certainly be relaxing, but it can come with a skin infection a few days after exposure from swimming in a warm pool or lake, or most often from a hot tub. The bacteria Pseudomonas gets trapped in our skin follicles and causes an itchy bumpy rash. You should rinse and wash after the hot tub, but that doesn’t always help. Anyone can get it from a single exposure, but not everyone will. Don’t be the one! It usually clears on its own, but often lasts for weeks so many people will end up seeing us for treatment.

Swimmer’s itch

This is a rash that most often happens after swimming in a fresh-water pond or lake, though it can also happen after being in the ocean. It is caused by tiny parasites from ducks and other birds or animals. It’s very itchy and usually affects the exposed skin, rather than skin that was covered by a bathing suit. Swimmer’s itch looks like red bumps that can resemble pimples and will typically go away by itself. Rinse and wash well after any swimming excursion. Treatment for the itch can be hydrocortisone 1% a few times per day and cold compresses, but often it is uncomfortable enough to require prescription creams.

If you suffer from any of these summer skin perils, contact us today and we’ll help!

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