Always on the hunt for the perfect holiday gift for your friends and loved ones? Here are the top gift ideas from your skin squad at DermPhysicians of New England! 🙂

#1- DERMAPLANING! Give the gift of smooth, fuzz-free facial skin that allows for maximizing moisturizer absorption and a smooth makeup application! Dermaplaning also removes that dull, dead layer of skin to refresh the face! A gift card for dermaplaning will make any woman glow with happiness! 

#2- A HYDRAFACIAL! The gift of glow? Who wouldn’t love that?! Exfoliate, hydrate, and fight off aging with the best ingredients of a Hydrafacial. Perfect for women, men, and teens who need a boost in their skin too! Combine a Hydrafacial with dermaplaning for the ultimate benefits and best gift ever- we call that the Hydrafacial Gold. One for them, and one for you.

#3- EMSCULPT those abs or tush! A stronger core and more toned belly sounds like the gift that keeps on giving!

#4- Laser hair reduction…the forever gift. Liberation from razors and razor burn is priceless. And winter is the best season to do laser hair treatments!

#5- GIFT CARDS! Nothing says I love you like a DermPhysicians’ Gift card . Let your friend or loved one choose a product or service that they have been dying to get! A gift card can be used for any of the services we just mentioned OR maybe for lasering those red or brown spots, trying a chemical peel, or getting some Botox to treat some wrinkles from the past year.

The best EltaMD sunscreens for that winter getaway- whether it’s skiing or the beach, refresh that supply of sunscreen with one that everyone adores! That’s the gift of less wrinkles AND no skin cancer!

Skinceuticals Triple Lipid moisturizer- for teens or adults, get that skin hydrated to the max this winter!  ❄️

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