Men’s skin care has become part of every male’s health and well-being. It’s never too late and often not too soon. It’s not vanity when men decide to look good and feel better inside and out. That’s why men should man up when it comes to a skin care regimen that will bring out the best in them. But where to begin? With a skin check, of course, and then what? 🤔

Let the Skin Care Routine Begin

For you to have great skin, regardless of your skin type, you need to have a routine where you can incorporate the best and most appropriate products suited for your skin. The daily basic skin care routine consists of cleansing, moisturizing, and protecting the skin.

Facial cleansing involves washing your face twice a day with warm water (NOT HOT 🚫) using a gentle facial wash. A bar soap is not recommended, and neither is washing your face with shampoo (we know you’re out there!), as this dries your skin. Facial cleansers are gentler and will not strip your skin of oil, but can remove dirt and sweat. Cerave hydrating cleanser or La Roche Posay gentle cleanser are great options. If your skin runs very oily, then try Cetaphil oil-control cleanser. If you feel compelled to use a bar of soap for your face or it’s easier when traveling, then try Vanicream, or Cerave hydrating bar.

Moisturizing is the next step after facial cleansing. YES YOU CAN DO THIS. The majority of men we see do not moisturize. You need to keep your skin hydrated by locking in the moisture needed to keep it healthy. This also keeps it from getting flakey or dull looking (which can also make the skin look more wrinkled, ie, older). Moisturizers don’t have to feel greasy or heavy anymore; trust us! Neutrogena Hydroboost gel cream or lotion is a favorite light-feeling moisturizer for men in the morning, and Cerave PM is a nongreasy but effective choice for bedtime. 😴

Finally, protecting the skin from UV damage ☀️ is important so as not to develop skin cancer (who wants surgery on their face?) AND to not get more wrinkles and spots. This is especially important in spring and summer, but also for winter sports and being outside in the snow. ❄️ Ideally, an SPF should be over 30 and needs to be reapplied after 2 hours- that is key. Men need to remember to protect their ears and neck, as many women often have an added benefit of longer hair throughout their lives. La Roche Posay makes lightweight sunscreens that men are often surprised do not feel greasy or get stuck in their beards.

Complement Your Skin Care Regimen

Now what about “treatments” to complement the skincare regimen?? Fair game for men to benefit from these! Hydrafacials💦 are a big hit with men who want to get a pick-me-up for dry skin, dull skin, or congested, oily skin on their face. Even once a season can make a huge difference in feel and appearance after just a 30 minute NONinvasive treatment. This applies to men of all ages, from teens up!

And men don’t need to be shy about Botox or laser treatments either- these are popular treatments to decrease deep wrinkles in the frown lines or crow’s lines around the eyes.

Before and after images of a man who got Botox for frown lines    Before and after images of a man who got Botox for crow's feet

And to round everything out, Emsella and Emsculpt are treatments that are changing men’s lives. Emsella is an FDA-approved, non-invasive treatment for urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction- 30 minute sessions while fully clothed. Emsculpt helps to strengthen the core muscles and can help with back pain, posture, and toning those hard to reach abdominal muscles. A complimentary consultation with us can teach you all about it.

So now you have no excuse but to start your skin care regimen and boost your skin and body to a better and healthier place! And, of course, schedule your annual skin check if you haven’t already! 📆

Ladies, if the men in your life aren’t reading our blog, then it’s up to you to get them up to speed and help a guy out! 😉

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