You may not have heard about a few things that have been really improving many people’s quality of life!

First, something for skin wellness. Do you suffer from rosacea? Redness, flushing or small pimple-like breakouts of the central face? The VBEAM laser can treat the broken blood vessels that cause the redness.

VBeam Rosacea Before and After

Sunscreen, diet changes and a healthy skincare regimen can help to prevent worsening over time. Sun protection and wind protection are equally important year-round. Avoiding foods and drinks that make you flush or turn more red is very helpful in preventing redness from progressing. A protective moisturizer, such as our Skinceuticals Triple Lipid repair, to maintain a healthy skin barrier and a gentle but effective cleanser are critical parts in a day to day routine for rosacea.

Woman with incontinence EMSELLA

Do you wake up during the night to pee? Do you wet your pants when you run, sneeze or laugh? Do you want to improve your sleep and quality of life? Yes. Do it all with EMSELLA! 30 minutes sitting fully clothed in a chair that causes thousands of Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor. Painless and noninvasive. Within just weeks you can see improvement in symptoms.

EMSCULPT is not just about appearances! It is a wellness tool that has helped both women and men strengthen their core muscles in ways they couldn’t before.

Diastasis recti EMSCULPT

Diastasis recti what? This is a separation of the abdominal muscles (rectus abdominis) after the muscles have been pulled apart, most often after having children but also after injuries or surgery (C-section or others). The rectus abdominis are the largest of our abdominal muscles, and they work together to help us move and transfer weight, along with the lower back and pelvis. During pregnancy, these muscles stretch and thin making them more prone to separation. Sometimes this can go away after the baby is born. Women with multiple pregnancies are at higher risk. The separation can look like a caved-in area down the middle of the abdomen when laying down or look like a ridge protruding when not laying down. Rebuilding your core strength is how to correct it without surgery, but some exercises can make the separation worse.

Diastasis can lead to chronic low back pain, urinary incontinence, pelvic or hip pain. Strengthening before pregnancy is the best way to try to prevent it from happening. Is it ever too late to correct a diastasis? No, you can correct it years after a baby. EMSCULPT can close the separation and correct diastasis. In a 30 minute treatment, your muscles safely perform 20,000 crunches. As these core muscles strengthen, the gap of the diastasis can close. Keep your back and hips supported too!

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