Fraxel is a nonsurgical way of treating aging skin and wrinkles, scarring such as after acne, as well as brown spots and sun damage. It is skin resurfacing at its finest ✨. Fraxel laser treatment helps your skin build its own collagen by creating microscopic laser columns that our skin then tries to “fill” naturally with new collagen, truly amazing when you think about it! It has limited downtime and beautiful results. It can be used to focus on wrinkles and fine lines, brown spots and pigmentation (such as melasma), or areas of acne scarring. It can be used on all skin tones.

Treatment regimens will, of course, vary by individual and what condition we are treating. Most patients will have 2-4 treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Depending on the skin condition, we may suggest spacing treatment sessions further apart. Results are typically seen within weeks and optimal improvement is usually seen within 2-3 months. We want to optimize healing time as well as allow for new collagen to be developed.

You should not have Fraxel while having any amount of tan in the treatment area or if you are planning to be out in the sun after treatment.

With all the tools that we now have in aesthetic dermatology, you CAN have various procedures and stay looking like you, just improved. With Fraxel laser you can refresh your skin surface, build new collagen that your body isn’t making anymore, smooth out old scars, and fade out brown spots and sun damage you have accumulated over the years. Keep what you want and not what you don’t!

Don’t be afraid to go for it – your future self will thank you for starting sooner! Fraxel is our good friend. 😉 ❣️

Treat fine lines and wrinkles! 😮

Treat melasma and brown spots! 😀

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